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Analog Circuits

Analog Circuit Design is a type of Integrated Circuit Design that reads signals as continuous and varying instead of a 1/0 value.  Digital Circuits read signals as a static input or output in the form of a 1 or 0 much like a computer.  Analog Circuits are are modeled in the time and frequency domains which increase consistency, accuracy, and performance of waveforms.  Usually, a complete circuit design is built with an Analog Circuit foundation that supplies a constant and accurate stream of input/output signals with a Digital Circuit laid over to convert signals into action.  The two together form a complete integrated circuit design found in electronic systems.

An analog circuit takes analog inputs, like electricity or sensor information, and converts it to digital outputs in order for a computer to process the data and act.  The computer then converts the digital signal back to analog signals which are sent back out to a system through the analog circuit.  This process can be very complicated with a complex system and is absolutely essential to building a IoT or smart device

Tamarisk Labs has dedicated Electronics and Firmware Engineers that are experts in designing analog circuits and creating the foundation to the brain of a product. In addition, we have an Electronics prototyping studio located in Pasadena, CA to prototype and test circuit designs quickly.  With an in-house library of electronic components, we can turn around an iteration of a design as quickly as one day.


Best Practices for Analog Circuit Design:

  • Set functionality goals and constraints.  Based on what your product does, you expect the circuit board to perform different functions under a set of constraints.  The first step in designing an analog circuit is to determine what it should do and what it cannot do.

  • Design a circuit in CAD space.  Adding all of the electronic components in a CAD software to create a circuit board with a best guess of how it will work is the next step in designing an analog circuit.

  • Iterate.  At Tamarisk, we build out and test designs in house to determine if they work or not before implementing them into a prototype.  

Tamarisk Labs Analog Circuit Design Product Development
Tamarisk Labs Product Development Analog Circuits
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