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Cable Harness Design

Wire Harness Design is a critical part of designing a prototype or product that combines mechanical and electronics engineering and can vary widely in complexity.  A wire harness is every wire that connects every electronic part, sensor, controller, or battery in a prototype or product.   A wire harness could be as small as two or three wires or as complicated as thousands of different size wires connecting hundreds of parts.  It is critical to design a cable harness with several things in mind:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly

    • Connecting the electronics with wires is an essential part of the manufacturing and assembly process that comes with a few pitfalls.  All electronics must be wired in the correct order in order to work properly. 

    • Wires require a specially designed path in order to be installed.  Mechanical Engineers must understand the assembly process before designing the body of the product in order to make the wire harness install as simple as possible. 

  • BOM Cost​

    • Wiring costs can add up quickly in a BOM.  Complex products can require hundreds of feet of copper wire which adds up quickly.  Keeping the wire harness design as simple as possible can reduce the material cost of a prototype or product.

  • Physical Environment

    • Heat, Cold, Moisture, Electrical Interference, or even Radiation can damage wires over time.  Wires must fit neatly into their specially designed route for optimized life and effectiveness.


At Tamarisk Labs, our Electronics and Mechanical Engineers work together during the entire product development process to solve complex problems like Wire Harness design.  Working together means that our engineers avoid common pitfalls and produce optimized, clean wire harness designs that are vigorously tested throughout the prototyping stage.  In addition, we revisit the wire harness design in a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) stage to make sure that the design is cost effective and improves the life cycle of a product.​​

Why Tamarisk Labs is the best option for Motion Systems:

  • Designs for a wire harness that never need replacement and do not malfunction.

  • We improve the life cycle of a product through proper harness design.

  • Organized, optimized routes for wires that decrease form factor of a product and decrease BOM and assembly costs.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development Wire Harness Design
Cable Harness Design Tamarisk Product Development
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