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CAD Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an essential part of any hardware product development process.  It allows our team to build 3D objects on the computer with real measurements, parts, and mechanisms, without having to build them. Like any other software tool though, it is only as good as person using it.  We pride ourselves on providing CAD designs that are developed with concepts of manufacturability, robustness of the CAD model, and product requirements in mind.  This ensures that what we design in CAD, is not just something that looks like your product, but is also something that leads to a successful manufacturing of your product in the real world.  At Tamarisk, we can provide expertise in Solidworks, Autodesk, and Creo for our 3D modeling.  We are also able to assist with generating GD&T compliant design drawings, adding in electrical routing and schematics, creating patient drawings, and running FEA simulations. 










In our Product Development Process, CAD design is often one of the key steps, allowing us to create easily modifiable, functional product designs ready for prototyping or manufacturing. 

Because our efficiency inside of CAD, we often leverage this tool early in the design process, as it allows our engineers and designers the ability to create and analyze mechanisms, verify shape & form factors, and test the strengths and weakness of a given product design. We do all this in CAD space to iterate/learn faster and in the end save you time and money.

CAD product development benefits...


  •  It is possible to see how parts interact and fit together in 3D space.

  • Analyze, check, and review components and assemblies to increase overall technical confidence in the design before prototyping.

  • Works well in tandem with our in-house prototyping shop to rapidly build, learn, and iterate on physical prototypes.

  • It enables engineers to accurately generate Bills of Materials (BOMs) and gather data to plan production/manufacturing runs.

  • CAD can be reused and adjusted for multiple iterations of the same project.  If you need to change an integral part of the design, it is possible to do so without sacrificing the integrity of the rest of the design.

  • CAD allows you to model with real parts that are available off the shelf.  No need to estimate the size and specs of online parts, you can add them directly into a design and test the efficacy of the part without ordering it.


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Tamarisk Product Development CAD Design
Tamarisk Product Development CAD Design
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