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Control Systems

Control Systems are defined as a device or group of devices that control other devices in a system.  Control systems are the brains of a product, taking in data from all of the sensors and making complex decisions based on the data.  A control system can be as simple as a single control unit that controls a single sensor, motor, or circuit board or as complicated as hundreds of units controlling thousands of units making complicated decisions.  Due to the complexity and importance of the control system, they deserve a large amount of attention in the Product Development Process.



We develop our own sensor clusters in house, which enables us to build control units that work seamlessly with the entire ecosystem.  We have dedicated Control Engineers that work exclusively on control systems.  Tamarisk has control system testing rigs in our prototype studio located in Pasadena, CA.

Features of a well engineered control system:


  • Durability

  • Consistency

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

  • Bandwidth​


Control Systems Tamarisk Labs Product Development
Tamarisk Labs Product Development Control Systems
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