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Power Circuits

Power Circuits are very basic at the core.  A power circuit is a circuit that carries a load of electricity.  It can be as simple as a battery supplying power through two wires to a switch and a light bulb.  When the switch is on, the light bulb turns on through electric current flowing through the wires.  When the switch is turned off, the light bulb turns off and the battery no longer supplies power through the wires.  For product development and prototyping, they are usually a bit more complicated than that.  Power circuits supply power to the many functions of an electronic product.  If you want electric motors, a screen, LED lights, or WiFi connectivity, you need a dedicated power circuit board that supplies the correct amount of electricity to the correct sensor/motor.  The power circuit is controlled by the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which acts as the brain of a product.  In addition, power circuits rely heavily on Wire Harness Design to act efficiently and maintain durability.  Power circuits describes the larger ecosystem of wires, electronic parts, and circuit boards that make up the electronic power system of a product.





Tamarisk Labs has dedicated Electronics Engineers and Technicians that focus entirely on designing and building the ecosystem of electric sensors and motors for prototypes and small batch  manufacturing runs.  We design the entire ecosystem of PCB, Cable Harness, and Sensor/Motor units including the controllers so that we can be sure that everything will work properly.  In addition, we have a reflow oven, soldering station, and stencil to ensure that we can do all of the electronic assembly in-house.









Why Tamarisk is the best option for power circuit design:

  • We have dedicated Electronics Engineers and Technicians with years of experience in PCB and cable harness design, sensor cluster selection, and soldering.

  • We can prototype and assemble power circuit in house with electronic manufacturing equipment.


Tamarisk Labs Power Circuit Product Development
Tamarisk Labs Product Development Power Circuits
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