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Data Processing

Data processing is an essential part of designing and building any product.  Data processing refers to the part of a new device that is connected to the internet to transfer information or store the output from sensors in an internal system for later usage.  In addition, the data collected by sensors in the device is used by the devices internal computer to make decisions based on the inputs and outputs.  Those decisions either are purely storage based or dictate how a product responds to external stimuli.  A common example of data processing in a product is a remote control toy car.  Data signals are sent through the remote control in the form of data inputs that are processed in the toy cars computer and result in physical outputs.  While a toy car is a relatively mundane example, data processing can scale to the complexity of a satellite, autonomous vehicle, or robotic surgical tool.

At Tamarisk Labs, we frequently see data processing being used in robotics, consumer products, and medical devices. We have a depth of experience in building data processing units in all three fields.  In consumer products, we have built countless smart devices that use common internal processing chips like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and even built our own chips for specific purposes.  In the robotics field, we have designed and built remotely operated and autonomous vehicles that rely on complicated sensor data and larger processing units.  In the medical device field, we have re-designed and built common medical devices to incorporate robotics and data processing for remote applications.  With experience in all three fields, whatever you want to design and build, we can help.



Data Processing Tamarisk Labs Product Development
Tamarisk Labs Product Development Data Processing
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