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Design for Plastics

Designing for reliable plastic products takes a unique skill set drawing from concepts of material science, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.  Plastic can be a very cost effective and efficient material to build a product, but is nuanced in making sure the material properties and geometry meet the requirements of the end application.  Our engineers bring experience in understanding not just the materials but how the end application effects selection.  Factors like UV for outdoor applications, out-gasing for optical products, or service temperatures for industrial applications are all things that need to be considered when making a material selection.  In addition there are many different types of plastic with a wide variety of material characteristics to choose from. 


Since our start Tamarisk has designed 1000+ plastic parts in a variety of manufacturing techniques including cnc machining, vacuum forming, injection molding, casting, sheet molding, extrusion, and 3D printing.

As we have grown, Tamarisk also continues to improve its portfolio of in-house plastic manufacturing equipment that allows to both prototype and manufacture small batch runs in our Los Angeles Facility. In addition, we have partnered with both domestic and overseas CM's that increase our throughput for both prototyping and large batch runs. 


Why Design for Plastic is important:

  • Plastics can be a cost effective way to prototype or manufacture a product.

  • Plastic Manufacturing comes in many different processes and making sure that your design is compatible with the most cost effective way to manufacture is important.

  • Material sourcing and research is essential in finding the best possible plastic type for your product.

  • In-house prototyping tools for plastics mean that our engineers can test different types of plastics and different designs quickly and improve the design quickly.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development Design for Plastics
Tamarisk Labs Design for Plastics Product Development
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