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Firmware Development

Firmware Development refers to writing code that runs on a hardware product.  Any product that has electronics embedded need bulletproof firmware in order to work properly.  Firmware comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Firmware can be as specific as a coding a specific motor driver or as broad as recording inputs from sensors.  Either way, it is absolutely essential to making a product work.  At Tamarisk Labs, we have experts in Firmware Development that have years of experience working on firmware for consumer products, complicated robotics, and medical devices.

There are frequently instances in which an electronic device requires an extremely niche skill set for firmware development.  We run into this scenario often and find the talent needed to write firmware for your device.  We run into this problem most often with motor controllers, but it occurs with other devices as well.  We are constantly finding new talent and will find a contractor with the exact knowledge needed to program one off electronics.

Why Firmware Development is important:

  • Firmware is the code that runs hardware products.

  • If a product has any electronic functionality, it needs to have firmware that tells the product what to do when.

  • Firmware can be updated and provide new features and functionality to a product without changing the hardware.

  • Firmware requires a unique set of skills that combine mechanical, electronics, and software engineering.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development Firmware Design
Tamarisk Product Development Firmware Development
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