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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a necessary tool in the tool chest for a startup company, individual inventor, or established company investing in a new product.  Graphic Design is the basis for media assets like a company logo, product logo, website design, and much more.  For individual inventors, it is important to have high quality logos for both the new company and product.  If you're planning on launching on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to help raise funds and a customer base, consumers are greatly impacted by the quality of the page.  The crowdfunding page starts and ends with the company logo.  It will be the first thing that catches a potential customers eye - which is why it is very important to have quality Graphic Design.

For a startup company, your logo is the face of the branding.  The color choices, stylization, and tone of the logo is reflected across the entire companies media assets and messaging.  A logo should represent the core brand personality of a company.  In addition, social media advertising is a powerful tool to drive traction to a new idea.  Social media is driven by visual assets and the best visual assets are created by graphic designers.

If you are an established company looking to launch a new product or product line, it is usually a good idea to create social media and product logo assets.  Graphic designers are able to recognize and match the branding of the company and reinvent it for a specific product line.  Furthermore, graphic designers are able to translate that new branding to promotional assets for social media, physical media, ad spots, digital advertising, and much more.  Graphic Design is an essential tool for established companies, startups, and inventors looking to bring new hardware products to market.


Tamarisk Labs has a network of talented graphic designers with years of experience that focus on a variety of digital and physical media to bring strong branding to new products.  We keep our graphic designers entirely in house and use them for our social medias and website.  If you like this website you should give us a call! Contact us here.


Tamarisk Labs Product Development Graphic Design
Tamarisk Labs Graphic Design Product Development
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