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Industrial Design

Industrial Design is a broad term that refers to the design of products, objects, or parts that are intended to be used by a large number of people.  Industrial Design is the intersection of user experience, engineering, and aesthetic appeal.  It is traditionally the first step in the Product Development Cycle.  Industrial Design can be a simple process of bringing an idea to life through CAD or physical drawings or a complex process with many variables and constraints depending on the product.  The finished product of the Industrial Design phase of product development is a comprehensive design that you can use to either begin prototyping or gather media assets through renderings.

At Tamarisk Labs, we believe that Industrial Design should include a base level engineering framework so that the design is closer to the finished product.  We include both a product designer and mechanical engineer in the Industrial Design phase to balance user experience and aesthetic with functionality and manufacturing.  We believe that having both sides work together results in more creative, functional, and effective products.  Our biggest advantage is having the ability to prototype and build parts of a design in house to test efficacy and user experience before building the entire prototype.

Located in Pasadena, CA, Tamarisk Labs has a complete prototyping studio with a robotic arm, CNC machine, plasma cutting table, reflow oven, and more mechanical and electronic prototyping tools.  We believe that testing parts of the design before building an entire prototype can give insight into the efficacy and user experience of a design without the overhead of building an entire prototype to find an error in one mechanism.  In addition, we can simultaneously test a design while gathering media assets for a pitch deck, kickstarter, or social media with our in-house rendering software and animators.

Why Tamarisk Labs is the best option for Industrial Design:

  • In house prototyping lab that enables us to test individual mechanisms in small iterations while we are still designing.

  • Holistic approach of bringing designers and engineers together for the entire Industrial Design process to ensure user experience and aesthetics with functionality and manufacturability.

  • Designers are trained in rendering and automation software to bring the design to photo-real life to create media assets to put on social media, pitch decks, and crowdfunding sites.  You can start the fundraising process while the prototype is still being built.


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