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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as an anything that is connected to the internet.  For our applications, this is a product that utilizes WiFi, cell service, or ethernet to connect to the internet for the purpose of data transfer.  While relatively simple as a concept, there is a wealth of potential in designing a product to be part of the IoT.  A classic example of an IoT device vs an analog device are watches.  Your classic wristwatch from brands like Timex, Nixon, or Omega are not IoT devices.  They rely completely on internal mechanisms and batteries to run.  Smart watches, however, are IoT devices.  The Fitbit or Apple Watch are complicated IoT devices that do tell time just like a Timex, but connect to the internet enabling you to take phone calls, send location data, and upload workout data to a database.  Any device that can be classified as an IoT device has a unique IP address that identifies the device on the internet.

If you're looking to build a "smart device" chances are that you're building an IoT device.  You've come to the right place.  Tamarisk Labs are experts in designing and building devices that use embedded systems to record data and send that data via the internet.  Embedded systems are groups of sensors, communication hardware, and processors that capture, send, and act on data.  Embedded systems are run on firmware, a type of software that controls hardware, and make a device "smart".  We have years of designing embedded systems for things as complicated as drones to things as simple as smart home devices.  In addition, we have dedicated Firmware Engineers to ensure that the system is working properly.




We have a full prototyping lab in house at our Pasadena, CA location that enables us to quickly test different embedded systems and hardware arrangement ideas.  Tamarisk has long standing relationships with service providers to ensure the best possible rates to get a number of devices connected to the internet.  Smart devices are the key to a more connected future and Tamarisk Labs is the best solution to turn your smart product idea into a reality.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development Internet of Things
Internet of Things Tamarisk Labs Product Development
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