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Low Power Designs

The goal of Low Power Design is to simplify circuit design in order to reduce the power draw of components.  Simplifying a circuit is a complicated process that is essential in creating an efficient and durable prototype.  Electronic circuits and components draw a large amount of power from batteries.  Smart devices use large sensor clusters that can burn through battery life extremely fast with an inefficient design.  Batteries are large and expensive, adding to BOM cost and form factor.  Form factor, or size of a prototype, is often one of the major constraints that our mechanical engineers work against.  Figuring out how to fit a number of electronics and batteries into the size and shape of the product is a challenge.  Reducing the number of electronics and size of the battery increases the space that our mechanical engineers have to play with while reducing the cost of the prototype.


Low Power Design is an essential step in the Tamarisk Product Development Process.  The Low Power Design step takes place after the initial mechanical and electronic development step.  The first electronic development step aims to identify and develop the sensor cluster and circuit layout.  The Low Power Design step aims to simplify both parts in order to improve the efficiency of the electronics in the entire device.  At Tamarisk Labs, we have dedicated electronics engineers that have over 10 years of experience in simplifying electronics in product development.








Why Low Power Design is an essential step in Product Development:


  • It can reduce cost of a prototype and product in manufacturing

  • It simplifies the electronic design to increase durability and efficiency

  • Helps fit sensor cluster and batteries into the correct form factor


Tamarisk Labs Product Development Low Power Designs
Tamarisk Labs Product Development Low Power Designs
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