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Mechanism Design

Mechanism Design is an integral part of designing a product. The key mechanism sets a product apart from competition in user experience and intellectual property.  Getting that mechanism right can make the difference between a successful product launch, getting investment, or creating a sustainable competitive advantage.  Mechanism Design must start in the initial CAD and Prototyping design phases and continue to be refined throughout the product development process.

Tamarisk has designed over 15 unique mechanisms for scratch that have been defining pieces of Intellectual Property (IP) for new products.  We think of mechanisms as not just a solution to a problem inside a set of constraints.  At Tamarisk, we believe that designing a mechanism is an opportunity to improve the user experience of a product, improve the overall quality of the product, and increase the longevity of it's features.  For examples of the complex mechanisms we have designed, please reach out directly HERE!

We have a full prototyping lab in house at our Pasadena, CA location that enables us to quickly test different mechanism designs and ideas.  Tamarisk also employs a several dedicated Mechanical Engineers with years of experience to ensure that we have someone focused completely on your project.


Why Mechanism Design is important:

  • A good Mechanism can improve user experience of a product.

  • Mechanisms can be a defining piece of intellectual property that can create a sustainable competitive advantage for a product.

  • Tamarisk Labs has an in house prototyping studio to test and iterate on mechanism designs to ensure a design works properly and achieves the desired effect.

Tamarisk Product Development Mechanism Design
Tamarisk Product Development Mechanism Prototyping
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