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Motion Systems

In its most simple form, Motion Systems are a mechanical system that moves.  A motion system is controlled by a motion controller.  Motion controllers used to be completely mechanical, but now are primarily focused on converting electrical input into a mechanical output.  A great example of this is a motor controller.  Motor controllers receive an input, usually a person pressing the gas pedal or pushing the throttle, control the battery draw, and send it to the motor to convert it into a rotational motion.  Control units are typically given by a manufacturer or supplier along with the purchase of a motor.  It is our job to program the motion system to act the way it is intended.

To ensure that the motion systems work correctly, Tamarisk has dedicated Firmware Engineers with years of experience in complex system design.  We iterate and test your motion systems until they work correctly in our in-house Prototype Design lab, located in Pasadena, CA.  We frequently build custom testing rigs for any type of motion control system and run life cycle testing with our robotic arm.

Why Tamarisk Labs is the best option for Motion Systems:

  • We can build test fixtures in house to ensure that the product works and efficiently test life cycle with a robotic arm.

  • We have dedicated Firmware Engineers with years of Motion Systems experience to code custom directions on any type of control units.

  • We years of experience building Motion Systems of all types and sizes.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development Motion Systesms Design
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