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PCB Design

PCB Stands for Printed Circuit Board and is the brain of most consumer products and medical devices.  PCBs can also drive a significant cost to produce a prototype because PCBs require an entire design process itself.  However, it is extremely important to take the time to get PCB Design right in the prototyping stage because it can cause massive problems in Manufacturing.  Tamarisk Labs has a depth of expertise in PCB Design to make sure that we get it right the first time.






Tamarisk Labs has dedicated Electronics Engineers with 5+ years of PCB design experience.  Our Engineers have the ability to use Altium, Eagle CAD, and more to design a custom PCB for your product. In addition, we have an in house PCB Design, printing, and assembly studio located in Pasadena CA.  Our studio includes a stencil, soldering iron, reflow oven, and vast library of in stock parts. We have PCB technicians available to run prototype prints and small batch manufacturing runs.  




















Why PCB Design is important:

  • PCB Design is absolutely essential in creating products that involve most electronics or smart functionality.

  • PCBs are the brain of any product.  Engineers need to specifically design custom PCBs to ensure that a product has the functionality it was intended.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development PCB Design
Tamarisk Labs PCB Design Product Development
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