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Product Ideation

Product Ideation is the first step in the Tamarisk Product Development Process and an essential step in creating a product.  Product ideation is the process of taking an idea and thinking through iterations of how the product will work, be used, and how it is differentiated from other products in the market.  It is an essential step in developing a product and something that can continue to happen throughout the product development process.  While clients are the ones who come up with the initial idea, Tamarisk Labs challenges and works with the initial idea to make sure that we move forward with the best possible version of an idea.  Most often, the ideation phase is focused on improving an idea for a particular market opportunity or finding novel features to implement that could improve the user experience.






Our engineers are exposed to a variety of markets and products.  We have unique insight into niche markets and feature lists that are popular in venture capitalism, eCommerce, and on crowdfunding platforms.  We use that insight to suggest and improve ideas to make sure that your idea has the best chance of success at launch.  We also believe that ideation is a process that should continue throughout the product development process. Countless times our engineers have come up with valuable additions to a product once they have started designing or prototyping.  A constantly evolving product that takes in the feedback from market research and creative problem solving from our engineers while building or designing a prototype has the best chance of being successful.

Why Product Ideation is important:

  • Including a greater number of product developers increases the chance of coming up with unique and creative features that create a sustainable competitive advantage and better user experience.

  • Continuous ideation while a product is being designed and built will improve the final product with ideas that were generated by actually engineering the idea.


Tamarisk Labs Product Development Product Ideation
Product Ideation Tamarisk Labs Product Development
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