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Product Renderings

Product Renderings are a fantastic asset to use for fundraising and eCommerce.  Renderings are made using the CAD file and a variety of other software.  Designers use the file to create photo realistic renderings.  Renderings show what a product or prototype will look like when finished or in its intended use.  They are a great way to show off a product before it is finished being made.  Even after a product has been made, good renderings are used instead of product photography because they show so well.  Common places to use renderings are in a pitch deck for investors, eCommerce websites, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo campaigns.  Product Renderings are an invaluable media asset that is useful from ideation all the way to successful company.  Apple still uses product renderings to this day!








At Tamarisk Labs, we use several different software programs to render models.  Depending on the goal, we have designers that are experts in Unity, Blender, Keyshot, Maya, and Solidworks.  In addition, we have incredible animation capabilities that truly bring a product to life.  In rendering animation, we can show the intricacies of a products design, show features, or show use cases and people using a device before it is built.  We offer turnaround times as quick as one day and provide renderings for free as part of a larger body of design work.  Tamarisk Labs is your go-to for product renderings!

Why Tamarisk Labs is the best option for Product Renderings:

  • Expertise in a variety of programs including Unity, Blender, Keyshot, Maya, Solidworks and more.

  • Quick Turnaround Times for renderings.

  • Free renderings with larger bodies of design and prototyping work.

Tamarisk Labs Product Development Product Renderings
Product Renderings Tamarisk Labs
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