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Signal Processing

Signal Processing is the complicated process of taking a non-binary input, turning it into binary, processing the binary signal, and giving a non-binary output.  It is very commonly used in new product development in smart devices in the Robotics, Medical, and Consumer markets.  Common non-binary inputs include light, sound, temperature, or pressure.  A great example of signal processing is Siri.  You can say “Hey Siri” and your phone registers the sound wave input into binary, processes the request, and makes a decision based on that input.  The audio output of Siri responding to you is the computer translating the binary data back into a sound wave output.  Signal processing technology has many more applications than just voice control.


Developing signal processing technology for a specific application in a new prototype is complicated and combines electronic and firmware engineering.  The electronics side of the equation takes the form of assembling the correct combination of sensors, control units, and PCB layout.  The sensors are the first and last end of the process, taking in inputs and sending out outputs.  The PCB is the brain of the product, taking the binary data and processing it to determine actions based on the inputs and turning them into the correct output.  The control units are the middle man, interfacing with both the sensors and PCB ensuring that the entire system works together properly.  Firmware is the code that enables all of the electronics to work together seamlessly.

Tamarisk Labs employs expert Electronics and Firmware engineers in order to design and build products that take full advantage of the impressive features signal process can enable.  In addition, we ensure that our signal processing units are durable, accurate, and efficient.  A large part of perfecting a signal processing system is testing.  At our Pasadena, CA location, we have a full prototyping studio set up to build and test different configurations of sensors and debug/update firmware on the fly.  Tamarisk Labs is your go-to Signal Processing development studio.


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