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User Testing

User Testing is a necessary step in the Tamarisk Product Development Process.  Market research should begin in the ideation phase to gather information about the target market and get feedback on initial feature sets.  From there, using initial renderings to test different style choices and feature sets helps further develop the product and drive engineering and design choice.  As you move closer to launching the product onto an eCommerce marketplace or crowdfunding site, user testing helps drive messaging, positioning, and price.  Testing an actual prototype will help discover insights in how people use the product, which can influence the design itself in future iterations.  At Tamarisk Labs, the market research and engineering teams are in constant contact to gather feedback on ideas to create the most successful product design and prototype possible.



User testing and market research is a methodical process that begins with interviewing friends and family of different demographics to see what groups the idea resonates with.  Based on that data, we form a survey that we send to Tamarisk market testing demographic to gather data on which features and messaging resonates with the target market.  This information is distilled and used to influence the feature list and material choice of the design and prototype.  Once a physical prototype is created, getting hands on feedback is key in determining how the target market and individual consumers use the product.  In addition, another survey can go out to the target market to test targeted messaging and price for the product before launching on eCommerce or crowdfunding sites.


At Tamarisk Labs, we have dedicated market research specialists that work side by side with designers and engineers to craft the best possible design, prototype, and positioning for a product.  We use tools such as Qualtrics, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and MindCart AI to generate market research reports.  The marketing, engineering, and design teams all work together to process feedback and brainstorm solutions for any individual product.  We believe that user testing is a key piece in creating a successful design and prototype for a new product.













Why User Testing is Important:

  • Feedback from the target market should influence the design and engineering of a product greatly in order to build something that resonates with your customers.

  • Having customers play with a physical prototype gives insight into how real people use your product and how it can be improved.

  • User testing and market research is most effective when used throughout the entire Tamarisk Product Development Cycle to constantly improve a new product before launch.


Tamarisk Labs User Testing Product Development
User Testing Product Development Tamarisk Labs
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