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Web Applications

Web Applications are something that you use frequently in your day to day life.  A Web Application is a dashboard or interface embedded into a web browser.  In our case, the dashboard or interface links to data from a hardware device.  A great example of a web application for a hardware device is the Oura Ring.  You wear the hardware device while you sleep and afterwards, it uploads all of the data it collected about your night of sleep to Oura's cloud database.  You can then access that information by logging into Oura's website, where you're presented with a dashboard displaying all of the data.  The key difference between a Web Application and a Mobile Application is how the user access the application.

A web application must be accessed in browser, while a mobile application (phone app) is accessed through a mobile device.  There are several advantages and disadvantages to each.  Mobile applications are more convenient and can be accessed anywhere.  If a user has cell service or WiFi, they can access the data of a mobile application.  Web applications must be accessed in browser through a computer or laptop.  Web applications are significantly faster to develop and launch.  They require no approval or publish time.  Mobile applications must be reviewed by the app store of choice and go through several reviews before being published.


Tamarisk Labs is a fantastic option for developing Web Applications because we have years of experience in both cloud data/hardware device connection and HTML programming.  We believe that is is best practice to have the web application developer and the sensor cluster engineer working together in creating a complete solution for the UX for a product.  We have both the sensor cluster engineer and web developer in our trusted network of contractors and work frequently on projects with them.  We have developed over 15 products that have included web applications.


Tamarisk Labs Web Application Product Development
Tamarisk Labs Product Development Web Applications
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